My Story

My entire childhood I was enamored with drawing and painting. In middle school, I drew my first realistic portrait and that was the  moment I realized that not only did I love making art, but I also had skill with this. 

That year I decided I wanted art to be a huge part of my life. I just didn’t know how or what I was going to do with it. 

​Going into college, I was confident with the skills I already had and knew immediately that teaching would be the best career option.


I would be surrounded in art, helping others become amazing artists. I could teach them how to develop their own confidence, to dream big and build their own businesses as freelance artists! And something else that was super important to me was having a secure income. 

I quickly learned that teaching art meant putting my personal practice on the backburner. It meant getting up at the crack of dawn every morning Monday through Friday and staying up late to make lesson plans and grade work.


Saying this isn't meant to put down the teaching career either. So many teachers love what they do and it was incredibly rewarding for them, so naturally I thought I would love it too. I gained the utmost respect for teachers during that time and also learned that I wanted something different and that was okay too.

So, I dropped out of the Art Ed program and graduated with a degree in Fine arts & Illustration. 

I wanted complete freedom in building my schedule, working from wherever I please, and no cap on my income. 

I made the courageous decision to build my own business.

The panic set in. Being a freelance illustrator was another dream I had for art, but never allowed myself to dream big and I was afraid. 

I was afraid of failing at creating my own business.

I was afraid of not making any money and ending up at a job that was unfulfilling. I was afraid of an unsteady income. 

I knew I would have to face some of my biggest fears and build up my mindset to succeed and learn how to trust myself and believe in myself.

Why I Do What I Do

As a first year business owner, I am still figuring out a lot of the smaller details. A lot may change, but I am sure in knowing why I chose this path.

For two reasons, my own personal development and healing and to inspire and help others with their own personal development and healing through creative exploration.

I have my own past that I am healing from. My dad moved to the other side of the country when I was five and he passed away when I was seven. He was an alcoholic and his addiction and mental health ultimately lead to him ending his own life. That event created so many mental and emotional blocks in my life that I didn't become aware of until only a couple years ago. 


Art helped me during the years that I had no idea what I was holding inside. When I gained support  from peers and a safe space to share about my dad, the magic unfolded and I began my healing process. Art and the support system I built helped me through those challenging times. Art is what I am most familiar with. It connects me to a time in my life where I felt most safe as a child, drawing and coloring at my grandmas daycare. It helps me tap into peace and joy when life gets overwhelming.


I want to help people by teaching the amazing benefits of art with the mind, body and soul. I want to teach how art heals.

How Can I Help

Whether you're someone who could use some guidance, support, need help sharing your story or you just want to gain some confidence to be able to make art again I am here for you.

I offer a variety of services that can be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you want to work one on one or in group settings, whether you want to make art or simply need an illustrator to design something for you.

We can go as far as creating an individualized plan for your needs or simply see where the wind takes us. 

To get an in depth understanding of all the services I offer check out the link below and see what matches your needs most.

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